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Why Doesn’t Facebook Like Sex?

I can not wait for Facebook to fail. Part of me wonders if it will ever happen, but I hope that someday it will. I’m so confused as to how people can be OK with having their data mined and sold to the highest advertising bidder. It’s fucking creepy how ads coincide with conversations that are happening in real life. I’ve deleted the app from my phone and deactivate my account every now and then because I’m not down with all that Big Brother bullshit.

Every time I deactivate, I end up re-upping because one of my family members is having some dumb party and the invites and RSVPs are only on fb.

Fuck. Facebook.

In it’s newest way of infringing on the lives of its users, per their Terms of Service, you’re no longer allowed to, “facilitate, encourage or coordinate sexual encounters between adults,” cause you know…sex isn’t a normal and natural occurrence between the majority of people on this fucking planet.

Now, I don’t know of a single person that has hooked up because of facebook. I’m sure there’s a market for that type of stuff out there, but no one that I chill with is avoiding bumble, grinder, OkCupid and tinder to try their odds and randomly poking friends of friends over in the blue soccer mom oasis that is fb.

I really take issue with websites telling me that I can’t do things that are 100% legal though.

Don’t tell me that I’m not allowed to find someone to make out with using your website. All that is going to make me do is try to make it happen to spite you and your dumb ass rules. Last quarter of 2018 was super terrible for sex and websites. Between tumblr going all puritanical and fb being dicks as per usual, I feel like we need another revolution.

Let’s not forget that facebook was jumping onto the dating train a few months ago…so they’re cool with you grabbing a few drinks with someone you met on their website. That’s totally wholesome. They’re not at all cool with you banging them though.

My wife and I created kik accounts this week and have started poking around in BDSM groups. It seems like an OK place that feels a lot like AOL chat rooms back in the day. I know it will take some time before we find a core group of people that we click with, but for now, I’ll hang out with the drama queens and thirst traps. I never mind seeing boob pics.

Where are you Peepz hanging out on the Internet when you want to hook up? Or are you more into finding fuck buddies IRL like in this clip?

Source: The Guardian

Image: Nicole Rey in Hustling Hussie by Reality Kings

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