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Where Did Harlot Cum: Sexting on Snap

So there’s this guy that my wife knows. He’s in her line of work and is doing big things. Dropping his name in certain circles will lead to tons of conversation about the moves that he’s making and how he’s shaking the world up. He’s honestly a pretty cool guy and if I was still dating men, he would totally be on my radar.

I’ve admitted to you Peepz before that I would 100% love to feel his cock in my ass, especially if my wife’s strap-on was buried in my pussy. I don’t really have fantasies about fucking him on my own, but I would honestly really enjoy it if he and my wife would top me together. Ravish me completely, you know? Getting spit roasted by the two of them is definitely on my fucket list.

Over the past week, things have gotten a little bit intense in my snapchat conversation with him. He knows about the AlphaHarlot side of my life and has admitted to jerking off to my clips. I obviously don’t mind this. It’s strange because this isn’t always how I feel, but it totally turns me on a bit to know that he fantasizes about me the way that I fantasize about him.

In the middle of last week, he snapped me over a few videos of him sudsing up his cock with body was in the shower. Now he’s started sending my wife and I both snaps of the shower, but when he starts cleaning the bottom of his body, I’m the one that gets the goods.

Most of the time, I check my snapchat before I go to bed. My wife and I will be laying in bed together while we tap our way through random stories about cute animals doing amazing things. When I get to this guy’s story though, I always let my wife know…just in case she wanted to see his dick too.

He teased me last night though. The shower clip he sent me barely showed off the base of his shaft and it left me wanting a little bit more. My pussy was starting to swell and get wet. I asked my wife if she wanted to fist me while I masturbated, but she was too tired, so I turned off the lights, grabbed my vibrator and started thinking about how hot it would be to get in the shower with our friend.

The light on my phone flicked on for a second but I didn’t want to be distracted. I made myself cum in less than a minute. As the orgasm flowed from my toes up to my hands, I reached for my phone. Our friend had sent me a message saying that he had just cum thinking about me. I replied, “Sames,” but didn’t bother giving him any details. I put my vibrator into the drawer, rolled over to spoon with my wife and went to sleep.

Do you Peepz ever masturbate in bed next to your partner? Let me know in the comments below or slide into my DMs on twitter.

Image: Evelin Stone in Get Off the Phone by Brazzers

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