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Where Did Harlot Cum: Birthday Picnic

I may still be tired from last year’s birthday extravaganza. Overdoing it is usually my MO when May 18th comes to pass. This year though, I decided to take it easy and just hang out with my wife in the forest.

We packed up our car in the morning and drove out to a small shopping village in Pennsylvania. I’m going to completely blame the sunshine on ruining our good time because the sidewalks became crowded very quickly. We tried going into a restaurant, but the wait for a table was nearly an hour, so we opted for plan B and headed for a grocery store outside of town.

Filling a basket with some fruit, cheese and wine, we found a random park with Waze and started driving. The park was more of a huge plot of nature than swing sets and jungle gyms, and that suited us just fine.

We drove as far away from civilization as we possibly could. Our backpack was loaded up with all of our tasty goodies but food was definitely not on our mind. She smacked me in the ass as soon as I got around to her side of the car and I knew we were going to end up fucking in the woods.

Have you ever been completely naked in the forest before? It’s fucking freeing, my Peepz. I love feeling the wind on my tits and the way that tree bark scratches my back up when my wife pushes me backwards and starts finger banging me. She didn’t get naked…but I certainly did.

Cumming in the woods is pretty neat. There was no one around so I could be as loud as I wanted. Birds were calling all around us like they knew what we were doing and loved watching the show.

After my legs were completely weak and I couldn’t stand up anymore, we laid down the blanket and started to feast. I never bothered getting dressed or anything, so my wife licked the juice of the oranges we were eating off of my tits. She put her head on my stomach and we dozed on and off for a few hours before we decided that it was time to go home.

I wasn’t happy about putting my clothes back on, but I did. When we reached the clearing where we had parked our car, a van pulled up and a few hikers hopped out.

“Great day for a picnic!” the driver said.

“Definitely is,” my wife answered.

She squeezed my hand and we hopped back in the car and drove home.

Image: Raven Bay in Nice Day for a Titnic by Brazzers

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