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What Would You Do if Your Sex Tape Leaked?

The further into the future we slip, the more sexualized our culture becomes. It’s a Catch-22 situation, right? Because the perverts in us would love to be accepted, but in the long run, if everyone becomes a pervert, there is nothing perverse about it. The kink loses its draw when it becomes the norm.

One of the things that drew me to the BDSM culture is that the Fifty Shades fad is over. The groups at the fetish parties have gone back to the bare bones, true blue kinksters that want to experience physical and mental sensations that are “different” than what society dictates as the norm.

I think it’s awesome when people experiment with their bodies, but I also think it’s a fucking shame when people shame others for doing things behind closed doors.

That’s my whole issue with sex tapes and people who have a negative opinion about them.

If you’re going to judge someone, whether they be a celebrity or not, for making a sex tape consensually with their partner(s), maybe you should check yourself before you send a dick pic to the person you’re chatting up on tinder.

I don’t think sex is embarassing. I think that being able to share your sexual preferences with someone you care about, even if it’s for the moment, is an awesome thing. Everyone has their own quirks in the bedroom and the trick is finding someone whose quirks coincide with your own. Like, I really enjoy being fisted and I just so happened to find myself a lady with exceptionally small hands that fit inside me nicely. It’s not the only reason that I married my wife…but it is nice that she enjoys punching my uterus just as much as I love having it punched.

That’s true love in case you didn’t know it, Peepz.

If you’re with someone that enjoys showing off in front of the camera and you also enjoy that type of activity, totally go for it. There is zero shame in fucking. To me, sex tapes are kind of like Christmas photo albums from years past…only I probably had way more fun making the sex tape than I did trying to make small talk with cousin Sally about the fact that I am never going to go back to college or procreate.

Right? Sex is fun and most family parties are awkward.

I’d 100% rather be boning.

There are people out there that have sex tapes with me on it. I wish I had them, but not so much to watch, just so that I have control over them. Is that what it is for everyone? Do you only crave the control over knowing where your amateur porno is hidden?

What would you do if someone who wasn’t supposed to find your sex tapes did?

They’re saying that Hugh Hefner put all his sex tapes in a cement coffin before he died and sunk the lot to the bottom of the ocean. That seems like a terrible way to make sure that something is lost forever. I feel like the citizens of Atlantis are going to be jacking off to his secret celebrity sex tapes for the next millennium. I guess that is fine though. I don’t really mind sharing the goods.

In my brain though? I feel like that’s a hyped up fairytale to keep up with the myth of Hef’s image. Those tapes were probably set on fire and the ashes spread in the gardens on the Playboy mansion and that is just as it should be.

Here’s a PornHub clip from Playboy Plus that involves zero sex, but lots of suds, so it counts as sexy.

Let me know in the comments below if you’ve made your own private sex tapes. You can hit me up on twitter if you want to whisper your secrets into my inbox.

Source: Page Six

Image: Astrid Star in Caught Cumming on Camera by Brazzers

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