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Vinny from Jersey Shore Showers Live on Stage

Reality television made Vinny Guadagnino famous. He and his Jersey Shore cohorts partied it up a few summers in a row and pop culture couldn’t get enough of them. The men were tan, the women were sexy and everyone loved to party.

I will always take the Grumpy Cat stance on Jersey Shore because I fucking live here. I’m bitter because one of my favorite places in the world became an even bigger tourist trap. It’s annoying that people still see this place as a vacation destination for messy parties. There are plenty of people who live here who think differently though.

My wife insists that the reason that she enjoyed the show is that it was hilarious. Dudes banging chicks, chicks fighting….All the miss matches that happened because one of the cast members fell in love at the club.

Vinny and Pauly D. have been riding the gravy train for a minute and even got involved in a few spin offs. Their latest is a show called Double Shot at Love. I haven’t watched an episode, but I am guessing that it’s the same MTV romance show format, like Flava of Love and Rock of Love.

On the side though, Vinny has been moonlighting as a Chippendale dancer in Vegas. I mean, why not, right? He’s totally fit and knows how to dance, so why not make the money while he can. Is it a crazy double standard that Vinny can strip but if JWoww did it, she’d be run ragged in the press? For sure. I would celebrate both getting naked for money though, so when a clip of Vinny’s act surfaced, I knew I had to share it with you.

Here’s a video that Insta user @coraone posted on Instagram of Vinny in all his Keto Guido glory:

So what do we think, Peepz. Are you into famous reality stars getting naked in live situations? I’m here for it, honestly. I think it was a good decision for his career to keep people interested in his brand while he’s young and able to make that money. But yeah, if we could put all the slut shaming stuff to the side that would be awesome.

Source: ET

Image: Vinny’s Instagram

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