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Twerking for the Police

I have definitely ended up in the back of a police car, Peepz. I’ll admit it. While I have never actually been arrested, I have definitely been handcuffed (in the not so fun way) and been made to sit in the back of a squad car. I could blame all of the other people involved in all three “bar scuffle” incidents, but the adult in me knows that when I drink Tequila, things tend to get a little bit fuzzy.

That is why I stick to weed and whisky at this point in my life. I’m much wiser than I used to be.

While neither my wife nor I have actually been arrested, we do watch a lot of cop and prison shows in my house. I’ve written about prison dating via toilet talking recently and that threw me for a loop. I feel like that show would not have even been picked up if the whole toilet talking thing hadn’t been discovered. You know that television producers aren’t going to put someone on the air unless they are especially entertaining…and what they usually mean by entertaining is completely fucking out of control. The world is a crazy place, right? So when something out of the ordinary happens, it can catch fire and go viral very easily.

When I saw the video below, I had to tell you Peepz about it, even if no one is specifically naked in it.

Asia Hughes was arrested in Toledo, Ohio on June 10th for allegedly twerking in traffic. Cops are saying that she was using a utility pole as a stripper pole but I’m a bit confused about that. First, utility poles are way too thick to be swinging around. There’s no way you could gather up enough centrifugal force to get your body all the way around it. Did they mean that she was holding onto the pole while she was shaking her ass? Most likely. The fact is that they used the word “stripper pole” as a buzz word for clickbate.

Here’s a video showing the woman’s arrest. Please note that she’s still shaking her ass as she is pushed into the back of the squad car. It’s a classic case of, “If you’re going to go down, you better go down fighting,” I think.

“What’s Toledo like?”

— Toledo Tweets (@Toledo_Tweets) June 11, 2019

The stories online are saying that Asia was twerking in the street and causing a disruption…but this story has Footloose vibes all the fuck over it.

How do you feel about sexy ladies dancing in the street during lunch hour? Let me know in the comments below or hit me up on twitter if you’ve ever seen something like this with your own two eyes.

Source: Metro UK

Image: Kokohontas in Twerk It by Reality Kings

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