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Top Rated Sex Podcasts – 2019 Edition

Top-Rated Sex Podcasts and Radio Shows

I love evenings. It’s that special time when I get to kick back and indulge in some of my favorite hobbies. Sometimes I’ll catch up with my gaming. Other nights I like to crack open a good book or listen to new music discovery on Spotify. The world’s a pretty hectic place, so it’s important to carve out some “me” time every now and again.

Another favorite evening pastime of mine involves pouring myself a nice glass of wine, dimming the lights, and firing up Stitcher to listen to some of my favorite sex podcasts. It’s a great way to escape the realities of everyday life and indulge in some carnal auditory stimulation. It’s also a great way to expand your sexual horizons and live vicariously through someone else’s real-life experiences.

Today I want to share 10 of my favorite sex podcasts with you. They aren’t listed in any particular order so number 10 might be just as good as number 1. Each one of them is available for free on Stitcher so you can enjoy them on your smartphone, laptop or desktop computer. So without any further ado, here are my favorite sex podcasts of 2019.

2019 Sex Podcasts – Our Top Picks

Small Town Whore-r Stories

You’re going to love Jen and Abby. Two sexy ladies who drunkenly rampage their way through modern dating, drinking, sex, fuckboys, hookups and so much more. These two misbehaved women love to share their latest misadventures from small-town America.

Listen now: The Small Town Whore-r Stories

Guys we Fucked

Guys we fucked bills itself as the anti-slut-shaming podcast. Confessed leg-spreaders, these two ladies are now spreading the word that you should be able to have sex with whoever you want, whenever you want, without shame or fear of being called sluts or whores. Welcome to the revolution. Each week, Corinne & Krystyna interview some lucky guy they slept with. Some men they made love to, others they had sex with. It’s a sex-positive podcast that never fails to deliver the goods.

Listen now: Guys we Fucked

Holly Randall Unfiltered

Holly Randall Unfiltered is a podcast series that features performers, content creators and their associates from the adult industry. The podcast explores all topics related to sex with authors, educators, and industry advocates. The radio show is hosted by world-renowned erotic photographer and director Holly Randall. Holly shares the microphone with some of the biggest names in the adult industry while exposing a side of the business that is rarely seen by porn fans. Holly strips away the many misconceptions on people who work in the sex industry and host sex-positive discussions on various social and political issues.

Listen now: Holly Randall Unfiltered

The X-Y Show

The X-Y show is all about the sexy taboo stuff that’s on everybody’s mind. No topic is off limits or left behind! This podcast isn’t for the squeamish or those who limit themselves to vanilla sex. Broadcasting while being butt-naked and shameless. There’s nothing else quite like it!

Listen now: The X-Y Show

The Sexy Escort Guide

This is a very niche podcast that delves inside the fascinating world high-end escorts (or “companions”). The show features exclusive interviews with people employed in the sex-work industry, as well as tips for gentlemen who are patrons of adult services.

Listen now: The Sexy Escort Guide

The Manwhore Podcast

The Manwhore podcast is about one man’s sex-positive quest for love. The show explores all facets of the sexual spectrum, from online dating advice to sex orgy etiquette. Show host Billy Procida sits down with a wide array of former lovers to chat about sex, relationships, gender, and why he’s perpetually single. A true manwhore to be sure, but an endearing one with a heart of gold. He just wants someone to love him – warts and all.

Listen now: The Manwhore Podcast

Casual Sex with Crumb

The Casual Sex with Crumb podcast is all about sex positivity, kink, sex work news, interviews, and the occasional opinion piece. The show is a judgment-free zone that displays little shame – it’s honest straight-talk from a host who’s on a mission to educate – and watch porn. Life’s pretty easy with Crumb.

Listen now: Casual Sex with Crumb

The Savage Lovecast

Dan Savage is a famous, unfiltered and nationally syndicated sex advice columnist who answers your sex and relationship questions in his own unique style. You read him in newspapers, you’ve seen him on TV. But you’ve never heard sex advice dispensed with such unabashed honesty. Always entertaining.

Listen now: The Savage Lovecast

Sex with Strangers

Podcaster Chris Sowa has an interesting job. He travels the world in his quest to find interesting, informative, and at times hilarious conversations about sex. And his guests, as you might have guessed by now – are complete strangers. If you enjoy variety and sex, you’re going to love this podcast!

Listen now: Sex with Strangers

The Wood Rocket Podcast

The Wood Rocket Podcast is all about pornstar interviews. The show exposes a side of the adult industry that most people rarely see. And guess what – people who work in the adult industry are pretty much like you and I. The show features both performers and content creators who share some of the more tantalizing secrets of the adult industry – always fun to listen to!

Listen now: The Wood Rocket Podcast

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