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Things I’m Here For: Ball Barbers

I don’t care that the video linked below is a Mockumentary, Peepz. Ball Barbers should totally be a thing. For so many years, I shaved my pussy or got it waxed to make sure that all my holes were accessible and hair free for whatever dude I happened to be fucking that weekend.

Now though? I keep my pussy trimmed or not trimmed the way that I want to because I realized that no one’s person preference of body hair should supersede my own. That means that if you want to shave your shit, then shave it…if you want to let it grow out and flow naturally, that’s cool too. So is every pubic hairstyle in between.

Enter the Ball Barbers.

I was laying in bed and one of my pervert friends sent me a link to this clip. I start watching and laughing instantly. My wife is laying next to me but doesn’t bother to look over at my screen because she’s immersed in The Oatmeal’s newest book, “My Cat is More Impressive Than Your Baby.”

I mean, I get it. It’s a stellar book.

After I watch the clip and laugh out loud, I turn my phone off and start reading my own book. She puts her book down and picks up her phone…and someone sent her the same video.

“OMG watch this with me,”

“I just watched it,”

“No you didn’t,”

“Yes I did. The guy is going to say, ‘The male genitalia is not the nicest of God’s creations,” and then the guy said just that.

Anyway…this video is hilarious and I watched it again with my wife because it was that good.

How do you feel about manscaping, Peepz? Do you shave, trim or wax? Or are you the type of guy that lets the bushes roam as free as they are able?

Let me know in the comments below or slide into my DMs on twitter.

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