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Stoya is Writing Advice for Slate and I’m Here for It

We have a group of friends that’s about a decade younger than my wife and I are. The age gap is never visible to us until we end up discussing culture and pop culture. I totally lump the adult industry into that category.

When people don’t recognize the names of the legendary Pornstars that I idolized in my 20s, it makes my heart sad. I guess it’s kind of like my version of, “Back in my day, we listened to REAL music,” like my parents used to say.

Anyway, my personal old lady status aside, Stoya revolutionized the adult entertainment industry in her heyday by taking control of her career and signing a contract with Digital Playground. When she decided to take a step back from that company, she built her own websites and content, continually building her brand.

Here’s a clip from way back when to remind you of how amazing she can be in front of the camera:

Stoya has been a writer since 2012. She has penned articles for Vice, the New York Times, Playboy and dozens of other publications both on and offline. Last summer, with the release of her (really, really intriguing and amazing) book titled Philosophy, Pussycats and Porn, she took on the idea of who she really is vs. the perception of outsiders on her life. Now, Slate has given her another medium and she’s giving advice to the population of the Internet who write in.

The advice she’s doling out in How to Do It is sound and educated, just as you’d expect it to be.

Don’t want to have buttsex with your husband? Don’t do it.

Are you a 30-year-old virgin who feels intimidated by tongue kissing? Be honest with the people you are dating and see where the evening takes you.

There are some questions that are tough and some that seem relatively logical, but she’s thoughtful and thought provoking just as she’s always been.

Source: Slate

Image: Stoya’s instagram

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