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Sexy Dreams and Gender

My sexual fantasies come from all sorts of places. My dreams are particularly twisted and I think that’s because my mind just runs away with itself and gets super grimy without the restraints of ethics or morality. Most mornings, I wake up with a set of sticky labia and a need to figure out how to make my dreams come true.

I’m still coming down off my TES Fest high, so lately my dreams have involved BDSM scenarios. Last night, I woke up at like 2 am in a fit of hot sweats and all I wanted was my wife to whip me with braided palms while I was sitting on some poor guy’s face. Sitting might be the wrong word though. Grinding and taking away breath might be a better description.

When I’ve spoken with men about my dreams over the years, they’ve often thought it wasn’t “normal” that I had such sexualized dreams. I call shenanigans on that, and the Journal of Psychology and Sexuality agrees with me.

A new report published in the journal states that women between the ages of 16 and 30 are having three times as many erotic dreams as they did 50 years ago. Totally makes sense, right? Back in the day, the sexuality of women was repressed to the point where it was completely closeted. When the free-love 60s hit society with a sexual revolution, women were beginning to understand their power and embracing themselves as sexual beings. Sex is absolutely everywhere now, and there’s no way that you can escape it.

The percentages by binary gender are nearly identical. Men between the ages of 16 and 30 who were surveyed experienced erotic dreaming about 25% of the time. Coming in a close second, women in the same age bracket admitted to experiencing sexy dreams about 22% of the time.

I love the fact that so many more women are open about their own sexuality. The more we talk about sex and all things on the pleasure to pain spectrum, the more creative we can become.

Not every one of my dreams is meant to come true. There’s probably no way I’m ever going to impale my pussy on a cock while I’m swinging back and forth on a trapeze, but doesn’t that sound like the ultimate edge? Getting fucked one stroke at a time while I’m zooming through the air is just something that my brain came up with all on its own. When I shared the dream with one of my friends, she admitted that she had a similar fantasy after she tried out the trapeze on her last vacation.

I think the lesson we can all take from the sexy dream study is that having a healthy sexual appetite is completely normal. We don’t need to be ashamed of our fantasies, and communicating them to our partners can actually make them come true sometimes.

What do you Peepz dream about when you’re feeling naughty? Hit me up in the comments below or slide into my DMs on twitter so we can chat about it.

Source: NY Post

Image: Cassidy Banks, Elektra Rose and Natalie Monroe in Teen Sleepover by Brazzers

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