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Sex After Sickness

Last Thursday, I had to get my eyes checked. Nothing was really wrong, other than the fact that it’s the time of year where I have to cough up a few hundred dollars to get new glasses. It goes with the whole “Sexy Librarian” territory of my look.

The eye doctor asked me twice if I was interested in getting contact lenses. I explained that the only time I wore contacts was when I was scuba diving or snorkeling. Since we aren’t taking a vacation this year, I really don’t need them. This comment struck up a conversation with the receptionist who explained that she used to love deep sea diving with her husband when she was younger. She’s in her 50s now and has a heart condition so there are a lot of activities that she used to love but can’t participate in any more.

She winked at me right after she said, “Especially in the bedroom.”

Now, if the woman was cheeky enough to make a comment like that to a perfect stranger while she was working, I can’t imagine she isn’t having sex at all. They type of sex that she is having has probably changed though.

I think after traumatic things happen to our bodies, we become very apprehensive about going back to the way that we used to live. If you have a heart attack, you’re going to be very conscious of every time your breath becomes quicker from physical exertion because that means that your heart is going to start working overtime. Slow and steady sex may be necessary for quite awhile during your body’s healing period, but that doesn’t mean that you have to stop having sex all together.

I can’t even count the number of medical/police dramas on television that use the “Heart attack while fucking” troupe. Maybe that’s why people are so hesitant to take baby steps back into orgasm town.

Life can still happen after trauma. Taking your time and going as slowly as you feel like you need to may be the answer. There’s no need to give up sex cold turkey unless your doctor tells you that it isn’t safe. While we’re at it, if you’re having concerns about your sex life, talk to your fucking doctor! Medication and mental stress can both have a HUGE bearing on the amount of sex happening in our lives. Doctors are there to answer questions but, in my experience, most won’t give you info about the sexual side effects unless they are asked about it.

Don’t be afraid or embarrassed to talk to professionals about your bedroom antics. Sometimes their advice is all you need to obtain the confidence to get back on track.

If you have heart disease and are looking for more information on how to safely get your sex life back on track, check out THIS PAGE of tips and tricks from the American Heart Association.

Source: Health Daily

Image: Richelle Ryan in Affair with a Doctor by Brazzers

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