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Nuns and Sexuality

My best friend and I have very interesting text conversations. Sometimes he’ll randomly send me clips of toe nail extractions, sometimes he sends me PornHub clips he’s been enjoying. It’s really a toss up how things are going to go when I get an alert from him.

On Sunday, I was grocery shopping when my phone went off. He had sent me over an article about nuns banging.

Actually, that’s kind of crude.

The article was about how some nuns realize that they are sexual beings after they have taken their vows and they wind up in sexual relationships. I totally relate to this as I was going to be a nun up until the point that I was just shy of 18.

I feel like I’ve told this story too many times to count, but I was super serious about my Roman Catholic upbringing up until the end of high school. At that point, I was having some seriously sexual feelings about people of different genders. Instead of keeping my thoughts to myself, I went to one of the men who works in the church (not a priest) and admitted that I was having serious second thoughts about wearing a habit for the rest of my life. The conversation went fine…no real answers but at least I got to vent.

The next day I got called in to speak with one of the priests, which wasn’t really unusual because I did a whole lot of volunteer work. I was totally blindsided but the man who was my shoulder to cry on told the pastor everything and then the pastor decided that I needed to leave the church. When I say that I did a whole lot of volunteer work, I mean that, every single day after school and every weekend, I spent time doing things in the parish. EVERY SINGLE DAY. I was pushed out on my ass because I admitted to someone that I was thinking about fucking my boyfriend and I was wondering what having sex with a woman would be like.

It was completely fucked.

Organized religion is definitely not for me…but I do think that there are people out there who can lead a balanced life as both a sexual being and a religious being. Maybe it’s time for our religious leaders to suck it up and move past their prejudices and prudish thoughts.

I feel like I would be doing this story a disservice if I didn’t throw some nun porn at the end of it…so here you go. The only thing that makes me slightly uncomfortable is the fact that the introduction to Ave Maria is playing over and over again in the background.

Source: Daily Beast

Image: Rylee Foxxx in Glitter Tease by Reality Kings

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