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Nudist Restaurant Closing

I need you to use your memories for a second, Peepz. Remember when I wrote about that nudist restaurant that was opening up in London? No? I mean, I get that I’m forever talking about asses and cocks, but there has literally been only time I’ve talked about a restaurant for naked people.

How do we feel about eating naked? I mean, if I’m being honest, 85% of the meals that I eat inside my own home are eaten at least topless, if not just in my undies. There’s a psychological aversion to clothing embedded in my brain, so as soon as I walk in the door, everything comes off. Every partner I’ve had in my life does basically the same thing, so I’m assuming this is kind of the norm.

Would you eat in public nude though?

That’s a tough question.

I *think* I’d be ok with it? Like, if I don’t have any issue with stripping down in front of strangers at a BDSM party, I can’t imagine I’d have a problem with being naked in an eating establishment if everyone else was naked too. It’s that group mentality bullshit. I’d be another nude sheep in the flock.

Another nudist destination opened up in Paris in 2017 called Au Natural. Two brothers, who btw are not nudists, decided to take a cue from the nudist tourism industry and open up a spot in the City of Love. Unfortunately for them though, their experiment has crashed and burned.

They announced on facebook that they would remain open the middle of February and then they would be closing their doors forever:

Thank you for participating in this adventure by coming to dinner at o ‘ natural. We will only hold good times, meetings with beautiful people and customers delighted to share exceptional moments.

We are counting on you to support us and help us with many during this month of January and early February 2019.

So don’t hesitate to book now to enjoy a last naked dinner in Paris. Now is the time.

I swear if I lived in Europe I’d book a table right now. Can you imagine having a naked Valentine’s Day feast with your partner? I’d be so down for an adventure like that.

Here’s a Scam Angels PornHub clip of some restaurant sex to get your mind moving.

Source: Washington Post

Image: Perfect Pussies by Reality Kings

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