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Model Spotlight: LucyChic

LucyChic’s Chat Room:

1) What is your favorite thing about webcam modeling? I like the fact that I can meet different people! It’s something new, and I always hear multiple things from members. They’re thoughtful and come into my life, each with his own story, and that fascinates me.

2) Who is your #1 Chaturbate crush? The real question is which one I like more, LOL. I can’t decide! I have a lot of guys that I like to follow and watch even when I am online to get in the mood, but they are all handsome, so I can’t really decide. 😀

3) What is the one item on your wish-list you’ve been DYING to receive? I’m in love with a very cute bag that I’m dying to receive! I am a big fan of bags, and I always have things in my bag that I use, so the bigger the better 🙂 I hope I will get it really soon.

4) What is your favorite post show activity? Sometimes I like to put on a new outfit, or come back online with new makeup! 😀 When I change my outfit, I love to change my lipstick or something else in my makeup, because it’s nice to fit your makeup with the outfit.

5) Your bio says you love wine. What is your favorite? Red wine indeed! Also the best aphrodisiac! I love red wine and I love to drink it naked, that way I’m sure that I don’t spill it on me. If I do, you are welcome to lick it off. Hehe 😉

6) What is the most bizarre request you’ve received on cam? Once, a member asked me to smear yogurt all over me, LOL! I had yogurt even in my panties! :)))) Pretty weird, but it’s good for my skin so…it was ok after all. :))

7) What is the item of clothing/lingerie that makes you feel the most sexy on cam? My favorite lingerie are white. And always with stockings. I love them. They are sexy and extravagant, like me. It fits perfectly with my tanned skin! xoxoxo

8) What is your favorite gift you’ve received? I received once, from myself, some pretty expensive high heels! I deserved them! But then I had to teach myself to walk in them. Not a really good idea, but I managed to do it, so now I am proud of my high heels and show them off as often as I can!

9) What is your best piece of advice for new patrons on the site? Maybe try a joke or two once in a while. I love laughing, so a guy that can make me laugh hard will definitely make me a bit more interested. I’m sure lots of girls think the same. Let’s have fun while we’re having fun. 😉

10) What has been your favorite show you’ve done? It was with a very handsome member of mine. It’s always such a pleasure! 😀 He is a real sweetie. I love the way he talks and tries to be kinky and make me feel very comfortable because he knows that cam shows can easily become weird and stressful for a girl. Not every girl is made to do this.

11) Do you have a signature talent or show your regulars look forward to? I don’t wanna flatter myself, but I’m really good at shows. In every show, I learn something new and apply it to the next time I’m on cam! I always try to be spontaneous at the right moment of the show. Nothing theatrical!! xoxo

12) Who would you like to meet from the site that you haven’t already? My crushes! :)))) But now I can’t decide if I want to meet them all at once, or one every day. I want them to spoil me. I want to be their gorgeous queen :))

Sure Cakes

13) Where is your favorite place to cam in your home? I still don’t have one 😀 But I like to be comfortable in my bed and as natural as possible. You can always join me. It is so soft and cozy. I can just lay there and be yours 😀

14) Please list some hobbies you enjoy in your free time. I really like to draw. I’m addicted to music and ofc, sleep :))) I also love watching movies until I fall asleep. Yeah, I really like to sleep 😀

15) If you could travel anywhere, where would you like to go? I wish to see Paris because it’s the city of the “romantic ones” and I like to believe that I’m a very romantic person :))) Red wine and white pearls. Hmmm. Ohhh Paris, here I come! Maybe I’ll bring my crushes, or maybe I will find a new one there! Hehehe

16) What are your favorite fetishes/requests you cater to on the site? Doggy style, all day, every day. If someone puts me in doggy position and takes me from behind, that’s the fastest way to my heart! :))

17) Where is your favorite place to travel to in Europe? Honestly, I’d like to visit every historical place in Europe :p But I’m not done visiting all of my country yet, so I suppose I have to start visiting to discover all her beauties first. Only then I could say I want to move and live in another country.

18) What is your favorite Chaturbate app? I’m a huge fan of the Lovense App! <3 I love those vibrations. When I use it, my day suddenly becomes great.

19) What is the dirtiest tip-note you’ve ever received? OMG there was one where I was asked to fill all my holes! LOL :))) That was so dirty, and I couldn’t even imagine how I could do that. I am really tight. How can I fill all my holes? Even my ear holes? :)))

20) Where is your cam-a-versary? I haven’t decided yet, but in a very special place for sure! 😀 Maybe a pool with balloons and foam and bubbles. And champagne! Yesss, I think that one will be it 😀

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