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Maitland Ward Gets Blacked and more stars getting ready for IR

It happened! Boy Meets World star Maitland Ward is making her Blacked debut. She has been around doing first tease and topless and then self-producer porn. Finally Maitland Ward makes the jump to pro porn.

It was the obvious step and a matter of time. Maitland Ward gets to professional porn thanks to Greg Lansky and co. has run out of beautiful pornstars, so rumor is that they are throwing 5 figures to all the top non-signed solo or amateur girls. In a move similar to what WWE does in the wrestling business trying to sign the hottest wrestlers in the indies, Lansky and Co are offering 5 figures to independent stars for hardcore for Blacked, Tushy and Vixen.

They already got Sophie Dee out of pro retirement. They signed exclusive Gabbie Carter to anal, which, again in a very WWE move means we will only see her anal for Lansky and Co.

Maitland Ward is the new star joining the top notch production porn company. However, rumor is that other top names have received offers. So get ready to see some suprises between August and the AVNs in January.

Rumor is that a top solo star has received an offer and has agreed. While BoobsRealm can’t confirm the rumor, it seems very likely due to some backstage developments.

On a side note a very famous busty girl we all love and fap to has declined the 5 figures deal. I was told to keep the info to myself to avoid issues.

However, if rumors are true and EB is coming in, she might bring another indy star that made a name for herself on Reddit and has became a rising star in the solo world this year.

At this point I am not surprised if somebody throws money to Lucie Wilde and Viola Baileys to come out of retirement for Blacked. While their returns are almost impossible, The people at Blacked seem to have Gremlims as bills and they are throwing them water to multiply them.

Speaking of AVN, please check out Emily Bloom and HopelessSofrantic on Emily’s WEbsite

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