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Lindsey Pelas is Hot

I have a few different Instagram accounts. I try and keep at least one of them completely safe for work so that when I’m in public scrolling, I don’t offend anyone. I fucked up the other day and opened the wrong profile while I was on line at the grocery store. I stumbled on a picture from the feed of Lindsey Pelas. To no avail, I tried to play it off like nothing was going on and her amazingly huge boobs were nowhere near my face. The guy standing behind me in line was like, “I love Lindsey. She’s amazing,” so I mean, at least it was a conversation starter.

I think that when two people who appreciate the female form can connect in public, it’s special. There was a time where we would both be hiding our phones, ashamed to be looking at sex pictures in public. It’s a pretty amazing world we live in, isn’t it?

I figured I’d pull together a few of Lindsey’s recently hot pictures. If they pique your interest, I suggest giving her a follow to check out what future goodies she’s willing to share with her fans.

I mean, right??

Between her boobs and her super fit physique, she’s been on my mind since that conversation with that guy on line. I’m kind of glad that I just found her though because every picture, no matter how ancient, is brandy brand new to me.

This week, I’ve got some homework for you, Peepz. How about if you do me a solid and send me over some links to your favorite Instagram models? You can add them to the comments below or hit me up on twitter so that I can partake in a few of your favorite visually stimulating models.

Image: Lindsey Pelas Instagram

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