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Lila Ellis Puts The Love In Loveseat

The always lovely Lila Ellis has yet again found another way to make all those that are lucky enough to catch a moment with her fall head over heels while leaving their jaws firmly planted on the ground.

This time, the sexy squirter took to laying back and putting the self-love back into loveseat as she welcomed her friends into her little corner of the interwebs for some splashingly good fun.

Soaked to the brim with as much self love as she can handle, the gorgeous gal put on her game face and continued to produce magic from the tip of her wand for an evening that will definitely leave a stain on the heart.

To catch a bit of this love in action, drop by her page and drop a follow.Lila Ellis would like to say to all her lovelies:

“Control me a few times and you’ll quickly witness me become your cum-drunk submissive toy…”

Lila Ellis Puts The Love In Loveseat

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