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Lila Ellis Is Slippery When Wet

Attention, attention, there is a spill in aisle fourteen.
Repeat, the store needs a clean up in the gorgeous goth supplies.

Usually, it’s pretty safe to traverse the interwebs, at least safe from slips and falls, though when the always lovely Lila Ellis is around, the risk of falling becomes almost unavoidable.

And that risk comes in quite a few flavors.

There’s the risk of falling in love with the gorgeous girl who knows how to enjoy spending her evenings with her closest friends, good luck resisting her charm.

Then, there is the risk of literally falling as this squirting siren leaves a bit of a sexy mess wherever she might find the space to enjoy herself.

Both, to be honest, are enjoyable despite the risk. So, proceed with caution and a smile towards her page to drop a follow!A bit about Lila Ellis as told by the lovely lass herself:

“I am quite the nerd, but I really enjoy having slutty sensual fun more than anything. Control me a few times and you’ll quickly witness me become your cum-drunk submissive toy.”

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