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Licking a Stranger’s Butt isn’t Cool

Ok Peepz. Some guy in Kernersville, North Carolina did something fucked up and I’ve got to talk about it for a bit. It’s one of those wacky sexually charged news stories that seems like it should be a joke, but for real? Don’t sexually assault people.

Stefan Ryan Shuford was arrested by police for sexual battery after three women claimed that he shoved his face into their asses. The sneaky fucker would go into stealth mode, bend over like he was tying his shoe or look for something on the ground. When the women were passing buy, he would grab them, motorboat their butts and sometimes lick them as well.

Life is not porno and I honestly can’t think of a single porno scene where this happened, so that isn’t even a good analogy.

I’ve got my fingers crossed that you Peepz understand why this is fucked up.

I’ve laid dudes out for thinking that it was OK to touch me without my consent. I’ve also been in situations where I was so shocked by the obvious violation of human decency that I’ve been shocked into stillness and silence.

It can really go to either extreme with me.

Violence isn’t always the answer to situations like this, but I’m a rowdy girl from Jersey who gets handsy when people do dumb shit to me. I’m absolutely perpetuating the stereotype, but whatever. I am who I am and if you slap my ass or touch my tits without me being OK with it, you’ll find out why that particular New Jersey stereotype is founded in truth.

Don’t touch people unless you have permission to do so.

It’s seriously that simple and I’m confused as to why so many human beings don’t get that.

Here’s a PornHub clip of a consentual buttlicking in case you’re confused about the difference.

Source: Inked Shop

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