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Let’s Talk About Sex on the First Date

The only person I ended up in a long term relationship that I didn’t bang on the first date was my wife. Sometimes people read into that and think that the reason we were able to form a longstanding bond is because we didn’t finger bang each other within 5 hours of meeting, but I call shenanigans. The reason that we didn’t fuck on the first date was because we both had our periods and we didn’t want to have to clean up a mess that early into an extremely passionate situation.

Sexual chemistry is huge for me. I know that I’m pervier than the average person, but If we aren’t on the same wavelength in bed, I really don’t like to waste my time. In the past, I’ve known if I was going to have sex with the person I was on a date with in the first 15 minutes. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I dated so much, or that I’m an excellent judge of character, but there have been very few times that I’ve been surprised by the chemistry I have with someone after I fuck them.

One of my major issues was the fact that I forgot why I only fucked them once and then ghosted.

Spoiler alert, if I ghosted you, the sex was terrible and I didn’t even want to bother saying goodbye. I’m older and wiser now, and I realize that’s not a cool thing to do to people, but tell that to slutty 20-year-old Harlot who was only looking to get her rocks off.

We spend so much time getting to know each other over the internet, texting etc, that by the time you meet a person face to face, all you have left to figure out is if there is anything between you physically. That’s the real reason people are having sex on the first date so often.

Dating has completely changed.

Baby boomers and the older folks want to say that we’re more promiscuous, but the fact is that we’ve cut the fat out of the entire romance industry. We meet each other on websites and select each other based on pictures and profiles. Before we even lay eyes on each other in person, we have a metric fuck ton of knowledge.

I realize that this may be a completely biased question, because you’re reading a porn site’s blog, but do you fuck on the first date? Do you think that it’s more important to get a further feel for the connection you have with a partner before you bang them or do you go all in the first chance you get?

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Source: Inquirer

Image: Jenna Ivory in Money Talks by Reality Kings

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