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Let’s Celebrate National Sex Day All Year Long

June 9th is National Sex Day because it’s 6/9. That is super funny to me because I am a pervert. Little known Harlot fact? I have a tattoo of a pizza pie that is missing a slice on the back of my leg. My wife has the missing slice tattooed on her arm. On the pizza are 6 pieces of pepperoni and 9 mushrooms…because 69 is our magic number.

When we first met on OkCupid, we had a 69% match and then number honestly pops up for us a few times a week. What was the total at the coffee shop? Why, $3.69 of course. It happens all the damn time. So often, in fact, that our friends will group text us when they run into the number too.

It’s hilarious and we don’t care if you think we act like juveniles when we say, “SIXTY NINE!” in louder than average voices. If you take issue with us, you should get over it. We’re “young” and in love.

Since June 9th fell on a Sunday this year, I didn’t even realize what the date was until I sat down at night to work. I asked my wife if she realized that it was National Sex Day.

“Because it’s 6/9?” she asked?

“How did you realize what the date was all day and you didn’t mention it once?”

“I figured you noticed and had a joke in the bag you were waiting to spring on me.”

Nope…I was completely oblivious.

A few sex toy companies had huge sales on National Sex Day. I’m in the process of purging my own toy collection though, so I didn’t participate in that way. I did wake up and have slow Sunday morning sex with my wife though. Now that I’m aware that it’s a holiday that should be celebrated, I’ll probably try and go for round two once we get into bed for the night.

I honestly can’t see it being super romantic. Usually our Sunday night sex sessions are more about tiring each other out and cumming than they are about soft gentle touches and romance. It’s all good though. There’s a time and a place for all the different types of sex that we have.

But that’s the rub, right? We connect with each other on a physical level when we want to…it doesn’t need to be National Sex Day, our Valentine’s Day or our birthdays for us to bang. Made up holidays are a fun excuse to get close to your partner, but celebrating connection all the time is also super fun.

Here’s a clip from Tiny4k that involves sloppy blowjobs, conversation hearts and celebrating sex.

Did you celebrate National Sex Day?

I want to hear about it, Peepz. My DM’s on twitter have been on fire lately with all of your sordid, sexy secrets. Keep them flowing in!

Image: LaSirena in Massage with Tricks by Reality Kings

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