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Is Virtual Reality Sex Cheating?

Do you Peepz watch Black Mirror? I’m obsessed with the show. When the new season was released, my wife and I realized we were going to have to set aside enough time in a weekend to clear our way through all the episodes at once.

The fact that season 5 is only 3 episodes long was a bit upsetting. I get it though. Give fans a taste and keep them wanting more. It’s such a good show though, so we’ve watched all three episodes multiple times now. My fav is Striking Vipers mostly because it deals with friendships and fantasies.

Striking Vipers is about two best friends named Karl and Danny who have always bonded over video games. In their wild and crazy 20s, they would stay up till all hours of the morning battling each other in a Mortal Kombat style game. They grow older, get married and end up reuniting one birthday sometime in the future. Karl gives Danny a new virtual reality device so that they can play games together.

There are going to be some spoilers ahead, so if you haven’t watched yet, you should maybe do that before you keep reading.

Instead of the VR goggles of the real world, the device in the show is a small circular transmitter that goes on your temple. When you turn on the game and connect to the system, your body goes completely limp and it looks like your sleeping. Your conscious mind however, is alive and well and ready to beat the crap out of your video game opponent.

Karl decides that he is going to play with Roxette, the preferred character of his youth, while Danny plays with Lance. When the game starts, the two friends realize how intense and real each move is. Every hit that is delivered can be felt, which leads the two main characters down a rabbit hole of, “Well if it hurts when I hit you, how would it feel if we started making out.”

Making out leads to groping which leads to sex…

So basically, two bffs in the real world end up fucking each other while they are subconsciously linked to female and male video game characters. The sex is the best that they’ve ever had and all sorts of questions come up within their relationship.

Could they kiss in real life and feel the same passion? Should married Danny leave his wife to be with Karl full time?

They become addicted to the sex that they are having in the VR world and they have a hard time differentiating what is real and what is in the game.

I thought this was such an interesting episode because it talks about all the lines in the sand that can be crossed when we start playing with our boundaries. Is VR sex that you can feel cheating? Is watching porn cheating? Can you be honest with yourself and your relationship enough to communicate what you really want, and make sure that your partner is also happy?

I want to talk to everyone I run into about this episode.

Have you Peepz watched yet? Hit me up in the comments below and let me know what you thought. If you’re shy, you can always slip into my DMs and let me know what you think.

Image: Avalon Heart in Virtual Step Mother by Reality Kings

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