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How Unicorn Hunting is the New Avocado

. It’s a place where the amazing community that is the London alternative sex scene could preserve a piece of itself: Its collective wisdom; its passions; its tales of both tragic and entertaining nights of hedonism; the strange behaviours of people and the way we are treated and blend (or not) into everyday society.

Strangely, it shaped itself into a how-to guide for newbie swinger couples seeking a spare female.

This may not be entirely accidental.

I did spend some time working as a professional pick-up tutor (yes, like Hitch. Like Neil Strauss. Like Ursula from the Little Mermaid, maybe). The rules on the scene are different, yet two messages ring true: Most people suck at it. That, and that it’s something that you can choose to learn. shaped itself into a nice little book- about a 2-3 hour read- which moves the complete novice unicorn hunter from a stumbling baby duckling of gaffes and wasted time through to the mindset most will have after a year or more of practice. A great time and money saver in that way – I’d estimate the equivalent cost of real-life experience to be something over £7,200 in parties, hotels and all the incidentals you’ll shell out without success before you figure out the secret for yourself. Sadly, many still haven’t, even at that point.

‘Unicorns and How to Hunt Them: Your guide to scoring threesomes like a boss’ is an ebook on Kindle, published at the end of Summer 2018. Even so, the details of the world of swinging move on rapidly, and I’m working on the 2nd edition- reloaded; complete with photos, illustrations, new chapters and extra content, all the events and apps updated, in ebook and paperback, and in discussions to publish with a new, revolutionary indie publisher: Liberal Publishing House. Very exciting! And not just because they are all drop dead gorgeous. Well maybe. Just a little bit.

‘Unicorns and How to Hunt Them’ is built on the stories of experienced unicorns, unicorn hunters, swingers and people of the alternative sexual scene, particularly in London, UK. It takes you through from casual interest in the fabled male-female-female threesome, how to talk to your partner about swinging, how threesomes happen and how to structure your approach to become successful in your hunt. It has six interviews with unicorns, all completely different and providing insight as to what they look for and what makes them tick. The book looks at why couples have such a hard time pinning a unicorn down, how they can fail at the last hurdle, some super-sneaky sociopathic moves that work, and also how to go about getting MFF threesomes as a single guy. It moves you, through the book, from newbie MFF hunter, focussed on the outcome, to being a smooth unicorn whisperer. Once you know what it is the unicorns- all unicorns, whatever they are like- really want? Then it’s like shooting fish in a barrel.

The book is sex-positive, gently feminist and deeply satirical in nature- yet it absolutely works perfectly as a literal self-help how-to guide to picking up single women for threesomes. Such is the irony of life. It is written as a step by step guide for couples especially, but also single men. Yet it is dedicated to the single women of the swing scene. Beautiful, multi-faceted, powerful and sexual; who wouldn’t dream of bagging themselves a unicorn? They are glorious. Yet they are decidedly tricky to catch.

I’ve always considered the book and blog to be very much a collective effort of people in swinging and kink society. It’s their stories, their crazy tales, their insight and their generosity of spirit that have spilt their deviant, sexual, yet wholesome love into every word. Since the blog first started, my mind has been opened in ways I never even realized it was closed. Compiling and sharing the stories of the London alternative sexual scene has been an experience and an honour.

The fact that the blog is completely non-commercial means that there are no sponsors to keep happy, no spin to sell tickets and no cover-ups needed. It’s a place for honest-to-god truth, in the form of lived experience. Anyone is welcome to submit a guest blog, and I’m forever finding interesting characters – the people you’d just love to grill with 1000 questions, yet dare not – and bringing them in for naked interviews. I love going to great underground parties and writing a positive event review for the blog- life should always be an adventure- and there really are so many wonderful events to find. There is no need to stick to the commercial, highly publicized stuff – your money is just paying their advertising execs. Finding people and places with a passion and love for their events- people who are truly one of us – is such a liberating and rewarding exploration. has carried on beyond ‘unicorn hunting’ in the classical sense (i.e. couples seeking a single woman to play with) and now looks at all kinds of issues related to swinging, kink and LGTBQIA issues, as well as the myriad of dating dilemmas people have when they try to find love or conventional relationships in the most unlikely of places. Unicorn hunting is more than just hunting single women who will have sex with couples. It’s hunting the mysterious, possibly mythical unicorn of utopic life. A life where we can all be loved and respected while being accepted as we truly are.

Howsoever altered by life’s journey we may have become.

With our loving, happy tribe of libertines and deviants.

Happy Hunting, baby ducklings;

Unicorn Hunting for Swingers

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