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Free Press and the 18-Year-Old Content Creator

I’m thankful that the Internet was still relatively private when I was 18. While I was running around New York City in fishnets and platform heels, no one had cell phones and social media wasn’t even a thing. In order to get pictures for my AOL AIM accounts, I had to take pictures with a camera, develop them at the drug store and then have the drug store made digital copies of them for an obscene amount of money. My quick fix to that was to send physical copies of the pictures in the mail to the people who I was corresponding with.

Remembering that made my brain twitch.

Turning 18 was a big deal to me. In a few days I’ll be turning 39 and that’s also a big deal but for very different reasons. College life, driving wherever I wanted and a new found independence are so far being me in my rear-view mirror that I can barely remember turning 18. Now I’m all worried about buying a house, starting a new vanilla corporate job and making sure that my hedgehog has food.

Priorities, am I right?

A high school in California is getting national news attention across the United States because they profiled one of their students who happens to be 18 and in the adult industry.

Caitlin Fink isn’t shy about admitting she’s a sexual being. When she moved out of her home and needed rent money quick and in a hurry, she started selling sexy pictures on Kik. When that worked out, she started creating videos and now she’s even dipped her toes into the stripper pool. The feature article is really well written and honestly interesting, considering the fact that a student is writing about another student. There’s no judgy bullshit, just one person telling another person’s story.

The hub bub is happening because people are complaining that a high school newspaper shouldn’t be talking about pornography. You know, because high school students don’t know that porn exists. I think it’s pretty great that a student run newspaper is running unique profiles like this, especially out in California. Letters, calls and Internet outrage are requesting that the school pull the article from their website, but the staff of the newspaper is crying, “Freedom of the press,” as loud as they possibly can.

Caitlin Fink’s story isn’t all money and roses. She talks about the scams she’s gotten caught up in and how other people who are thinking about getting into the industry can learn from her mistakes.

Education is how we all learn. With Caitlyn’s unique perspective, she’s able to give an insider’s look to other young men and women who are contemplating the adult industry. Porno isn’t for everyone, but it is a viable option for those of us who can handle the mental, physical and emotional stress of the work.

Source: Bruin Voice and The New York Times

Image: The School of Hard Knocks by Reality Kings

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