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Farrah Abraham Wants Your Money For Her “Farrahpy”

Former star of MTV’s Teen Mom, Farrah Abraham is up to her old tricks again. In an effort to stay relevant, she hopped on Instagram and offered her followers sex therapy sessions via a webcam site for a crazy amount of money.

I mean, especially since she’s not a therapist at all. She’s an influencer who has this overwhelming need to think that she’s qualified to do whatever the fuck she wants to do.

Here’s a clip from Farrah’s Vivid video from back in the day, just in case you forgot that she does buttstuff.

My biggest issue with this whole thing isn’t that a D-list celebrity is trying to cash in on her popularity, it’s that she’s calling it something that it’s not.

When you talk to someone without a Masters in Social Work, or a Phd in Counseling…or something of that nature…That is therapy. When you talk to your friends or some rando on the Internet about your problems, what you’re getting is just advice.

It’s not therapy, it’s advice.

The fact that Farrah thinks it’s ok to dole out “Farrapy,” to her fans because she has publically been in a metric fuck ton of failed relationships is laughable. Like, I’m really good at sex…I can talk about it all day long and I can tell people what has worked in my experience, but that’s not therapy, that’s fucking advice. It would never even cross my mind to call that, “therapy,” because I did not put in the time to get the education required to become a therapist of any kind. I’m a pervert. People ask me for sex advice because I’m a pervert, not because I’m a therapist. It’s completely pompous and totally irresponsible for Farrah to claim she has enough “real world,” experience to constitute being a therapist.

Here’s the Insta post where Farrah makes the offer to her fans.

I mean, I guess you can’t knock anyone for trying to get some money, right?

Source: Cheatsheet

Image: Farrah Abraham’s Instagram

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