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Fap Along With Harlot: Shake the Snake

It’s my favorite time of the week, Peepz. I pick the porno, you get to cum along with me. It’s like mutual masturbation, only I’m at home in Jersey and you’re…well…where ever it is you are. This week, I’m going to pull a couple clips from the Pornhub stacks of Shake the Snake.

The girls in their clips are always the hottest, especially since they’re fresh faced and eager to please. The clips get kind of raunchy, but you know that’s right up my alley. Are you ready to start exploring with me? My panties are soaked already and I’m about to take them off…I suggest you get a bit more naked too. Let’s fap!

You get to take a peek deep into the pink of this first blonde hottie. She’s in a bikini at first though her clothes don’t stay on for long. The blowjob is pretty fucking intense, especially if you’re into deep throating and gagging.

Of course getting fit is fun, but when you’re getting your holes plugged while you’re getting your gym on, it’s even better. There are a few clips strung together in this next vid, and each one features gym time fun and a ton of sweat.

Fantasy is the name of the game in this next clip. Three way sex in a few different scenarios sometimes there’s some anal, sometimes there’s some pussy licking, it’s all the good stuff though.

When your little pink dress matches your little pink dildo, I say that’s a party. Watching masturbation clips makes me slow myself down and mimic the moves that I’m watching on my monitor. Dildo slides in, my fingers slide in. Vibe on the clit, mine is on point too.

I’ve got a treat for you this week. For the final Fap Along clip, an anal sex tutorial. Is there anything sexier than learning and cumming at the same time? In my world there definitely isn’t.

That’s all for this week, but before I go, how do you Peepz feel about the fact that condoms are being used in these clips? I kind of love it. I don’t feel like I’m missing any of the dirty stuff plus everyone is having safer sex. Enjoy the rest of your week and I’ll see you soon!

Image: Shake the Snake on Pornhub

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