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Fap Along With Harlot: Property Sex

I don’t really fully hate a lot of things in this world. Moving is definitely one of the things that I despise. Going through all of my belongings, putting them in boxes to move them a few miles away is the worst. Unboxing can be fun because you have a whole new space to work with, but it’s still overwhelming.

My wife and I are attempting to buy a house. It’s a fully adult step to owe a bank so much money and we are nervous as fuck about it. We did have sex in two open houses while we were looking (that story will be told in a Where Did Harlot Cum? post at some point) so that was fun, but there is so much red tape at this point in the process that we just want the whole ordeal to be over with.

This week for our Fap Along, I decided to pull clips from the Property Sex PornHub page to keep my mind on the good times of this process. Are you Peepz ready to jump in with me? Pants down to the floor and let’s fap!

A real estate agent celebrates the sale in the garden with her client. They exchange pleasantries and before we know what’s happening, she’s on her knees with his dick in her mouth.

I’m pretty sure I’ve never slept in a kitchen. There has been plenty of sex in kitchens, but no actual sleeping. When the stunt cock returns home and discovers his roommate asleep on the kitchen floor surrounded by cornflakes, he tries to kick her out. Pussy power wins this game of chess though.

A really hot real estate agent made her client happy with the house, but ghosted him when he tried to get a little closer. He made an appointment to have a look at another one of her properties so that he could get a peep of her ass.

Autumn Falls is behind on her rent and trying to work things out with her roommate. She’s thinking about stripping but he suggests private dancing. When he admits that he would pay for a private dance from her, she’s down to get her rent paid.

When a tenant has no hot water, a smoking hot property manager comes out to access the issue. While Harley Dean can’t fix the plumbing, she does make him feel better with some sexual favors. It might be a dirty, unshowered dick, but it’s a dick none the less.

That’s all for this week, Peepz. Wish me luck and send good closing vibes in my direction! I’ll see you next week.

Image: Screenshot from First Clip

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