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Fap Along With Harlot: Pizza Time!

Peepz, I haven’t eaten pizza in like a month and I’m craving it like crazy. I’ve got spinach, mushroom, sausage on the brain but I’m waiting till next Friday to indulge. Instead of giving in to my crazy carbohydrate desires right this very moment, I decided to head over to PornHub and see if I could nosh on a bit of pussy.

Of course PornHub had what I needed, so I pulled my five favorite pizza themed porno clips for us to enjoy together. Are you ready for some action? Grab yourself some EVOO and some parmesan cheese (if that’s what you’re into) and let’s fap!

Pizza night in this house leads to gramps having a heart attack after he gets a peep of a dick poking out through a pizza. His granddaughter takes advantage of the situation and ends up covered in pizza sauce and cum.

The old “dick in the pizza box” trick is a porno trope but idgaf. I love the idea of a man showing up to my house with food and a stiff cock to fill me up. Anikka Albrite agrees.

Three babes in pizza bikinis want to party with some dick. When none is readily available, they call for delivery. Their mouths are always working on something in this clip, whether it’s a slice or a cock.

Riley Reid shows up to a bro party with one out of two pizzas in hand. When she discovers that she’s lacking pepperoni, she is more than happy to provide a pizza her ass instead.

Morah Mills is all about the tits and ass. When her customer wants a large pie instead of the small one that she was delivering, he makes her work for her tip by sucking on his.

That’s all for this week, Peepz. Remember to do your dishes and clean up your spunk if you made a mess of yourself! I’ll see you next week.

Image: Briana Blaire in Whore to Whore Sales Girl by Brazzers

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