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Fap Along With Harlot: Khloe Kapri Forever

I feel like there aren’t enough porno fans out there who understand all the awesomeness that Khloe Kapri can provide. She’s a beautiful blonde from Ohio that is going to take shit over in the near future‚Ķbelieve me. Once you get through this Fap Along list, I’m sure you’ll be a fan if you weren’t all ready.

I’ve selected five clips for us to enjoy together. There’s a little bit of something for everyone. The one theme you’re going to see is her intensity and passion when she’s in the middle of fucking. I know that there are a whole lot of women in the industry, but she’s one of my favorites right now and will probably remain there for a good long while.

You Peepz ready? Grab your fuck socks and some lube, this is going to be a long ride. Let’s fap!

Khloe gets spanked in a bright white thong in this first clip from Porn Fidelity. You can watch her ass jiggle as she gets her cheeks spread wide open for some cock. The blowjob is sloppy and aggressive. Her gagging noises will drive you crazy.

Khloe teams up with Lily Labeau for a bit of big black cock. The two beautiful blondes double team Jax Slayher and catch him off guard at first. Let me tell you something though. If a woman as hot as Khloe answers the door completely naked and drags you up to her bedroom, you’re going to want to ask questions later.

I think that I’m enamored with Khloe so much because of the way she sucks cock. She does that thing where she opens her throat as wide as she opens her butthole. She’s really able to take on any dick that is presented to her, no matter how huge it may be.

Failing grades won’t keep Khloe away from some decent cock. She takes control of the situation and gets her pussy wrecked in the process

Last up, I’m sharing a clip with Khloe and Alex Grey. They convince the cock to fuck them by promising some relaxation, but relaxation seems to be the last thing on their minds once their clothes are off.

That’s all for this week, Peepz. I hope you had as much fun as I did. If you’d like a Fap Along list of your very own, hit me up in the comments below or slide into my DMs on twitter to keep things between us.

Image: Khloe Kapri and Cory Chase in Cum Lessons by Reality Kings

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