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Fap Along with Harlot: Karlee Grey

Hello Peepz! It’s that time of the week again, where we all get comfy and cozy with each other and masturbate. Part of me wishes I could watch you, part of me wishes you could watch me, but for now at least we’re here on the internet.

This time around, I’ve pulled five videos from the catalog of Karlee Grey. She started out in the adult industry back in 2013. Every year she challenges herself with the scenes that she does. I’m going to highlight a few exceptional clips that she stars in today, so I suggest that you prepare yourself for a wild ride. This is going to be an intense self-love session. Are you fully prepared and up to the task? Let’s Fap!

Pussy licking is one of Karlee’s specialties. Lena Paul gets on on top and lets Karlee work her clit with a fever. The ladies cum quite a few times while they’re switching back and forth on the road to pleasure.

Holy deep throat, Batman! Karlee’s muff gets beat up by a thick cock in this next clip. The plot of this one is a little bit muddled, but I think they’re on a spaceship and the ship is going down…or something. They fuck, it’s hot. That’s all we care about anyway, right?

A quick hookup magically transforms into a grab for cash in this next clip. Three ladies, including the lovely Karlee, get down and dirty to trap a random dude into emptying out his wallet after they record their sex session.

There’s a massive black dick in Karlee’s future and she’s so ready to swallow it whole. This clip is a different take on cuckolding. Karlee’s “step dad” stays in the room while she hooks up with her man in front of him.

I swear that by the end of this last clip, Karlee is completely dick drunk. She savages the cock of pretty boy pornstar Michael Vegas and makes sure that he is completely drained of cum before the scene is over.

That’s all for this time ’round, my Peepz. I hope you made as big of a mess as I did. If you’d like a Fap Along clip of your very own, hit me up in the comments below or slide into my DMs on twitter.

Image: Karlee Grey in Wet in Net by Brazzers

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