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Fap Along with Harlot: Dad Crush

Hello, my Peepz! I’ve been hella productive today. This morning, I headed to my dad’s place down the shore so that I could help him with his gardening a bit. He’s got a crazy tropical backyard with 10 foot tall banana trees and shit. It’s not something that you usually find when you’re hanging out in Jersey.

Anyway, I’m home, showered and ready to write at this point. In the least perverse way possible, I am still thinking about my dad. That’s why when I headed over to the Pornhub Channels directory and saw the page for Dad Crush, I thought I’d put together a Fap Along list for all of us.

You ready to have some fun? Grab your favorite jizz sock and let’s fap!

I’m listing this video first strictly because of the fuck socks. Cadey Mercury accidentally sends a few nude selfies to her step-dad and finds herself in a compromising position. She masturbates in front of her camera before she let’s him slip his dick inside.

When Cleo Clementine steals someone else’s shaving cream from the bathroom, he decides to help her out with the shaving of her kitty. Late night snacks lead to late night blowjobs and no one seems to be complaining about it.

Super bendy ebony Queen Cecelia Lion gets her puss stuffed with finger first. Finger banging in porno usually means that a cock is going to enter the situation quickly, which it definitely does. She moans like crazy while she’s being satisfied.

Emily Willis is a good girl who just wants to get rid of some stress. She, “Wants to suck dick so bad her stomach is growling,” and that is something that I can definitely relate to. It takes a whole lot of convincing but eventually she gets her wish and drops to her knees for some fun.

Two BFFs decide to pounce on some familiar cock when they realize that all the guys at school are inexperienced. Everyone’s holes get stuffed to max capacity and everyone decides to keep the affair a secret.

That’s all for this week, Peepz. I hope you enjoyed all the clips as much as I did. If you’d like a Fap Along of your very own, get in touch in the comments below or hit me up on Twitter.

Image: Aubrey Sinclair in Show My Dad Who’s Boss by Brazzers

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