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Fap Along With Harlot: Bluebird Films

Hello Peepz! How has your week been? Winter has been hit or miss this year in the Dirty Jerz, but I basically spent last week hiding out inside because of the below freezing temperatures. I’m thankful I had PornHub to keep me warm.

This week’s Fap Along is going to include five clips from the collection of Bluebird Films. I stumbled upon their page because I was looking for a video that involved sex in a store. Don’t judge, I was in the mood for some public smut. Once I started watching the first clip in the list I went down a rabbit hole of clips and I came out the other side with slippery, pruney fingers.

You Peepz ready to join in the fun? Let’s start it up exactly the same way I did, with a threesome covered in tasty treats

Fucking in the club is a fantasy that so many people have. Did you see that video that was floating around a few weeks ago of that guy getting a blowjob just straight up in the middle of a crowd of dancing people? It was nuts. This next clip is basically the fantasy version of that reality.

Sex out in the forest is definitely hot. When you toss a waterfall in the mix, my undies are going to be creamy in like 30 seconds flat. I enjoyed this vintage clip so much I watched it a few times.

Even though it doesn’t stay on for long, I’m loving the lingerie that the beautiful blonde is wearing in this video. Wait until you see how wide her pussy gets stretched.

Melanie Rios is going to help us round out this Fap Along. She always has a naughty look in her eye. Her soaking wet pussy gives the camera a hell of a show.

That’s all for this week, Peepz. If you’d like some help in picking out your porno, hit me up on twitter and I’ll help you out. I’ll see you next week with another batch of splooge worthy material.

Image: Juelz Ventura in Birdie in the Bunker by Brazzers

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