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Fap Along with Harlot: Best Faps of 2018

Peepz!! We have made it through 2018 and have come out the other side completely covered in sweat, tears and cum. I’ve been going through last year’s Fap Alongs and pulling out some of my favorite clips to share with you all over again, because sometimes porno is worth re-watching.

Are you ready to slowly strip off your clothes with me and touch yourself? I feel like I’ve been waiting all week to get naked with you. Make sure you’ve got your cum sock ready for a quick and easy clean up…Let’s Fap!!

I’m going to start off with a clip from my post She’s Dangerous because if there’s anything I’ve learned this year, it’s that I can’t seem to get enough Abella Danger. The pussy eating in this clip drove me wild and is something that my mind often slips back into when I’m all alone and imagining masturbation fodder.

Anal anyone? I love a good buttsex clip, especially when there is a ton of rimming involved. The summer sun has Nathaly’s pussy soaked so when she gets a text from one of her butt play loving boy toy’s, she invites him over for some fun.

My high school years were filled with playing softball in the summertime. Anytime I see a team throwing the ball around it makes me think about sweating in the heat and running the bases. Priya Price looks pretty in pinstripes while she wiggles her butt for the viewers at home. She knows how crazy she is driving us, but keeps up the teasing for quite some time before the big bootie reveal. Though I legit screamed at my laptop, “Bend your fucking knees!!” when she was trying to hit the ball.

I love fucking myself in the office. It’s dirty and kinky enough to keep my mind racing for weeks on end. When I put together this Fap Along called, “Wanking While Working,” it got me all sorts of nostalgic for my #SneakyOfficeBoobPic period.

My absolutely favorite porno from this entire year was Young MA’s The Gift. It’s a super long PornHub Original so you can give yourself a few solo sessions to get through the whole thing. Every scene is hot, so it doesn’t matter where you start it up, you’ll always end up finishing.

That’s all for this week, Peepz. I hope your masturbation sessions in 2019 are even more fulfilling than they were last year. Good luck and be safe!

Image: Screenshot from The Gift

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