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Fap Along With Harlot: Anal Adventures

My wife is going to be heading to a convention at the end of May. It’s a big deal, she’s doing a huge presentation and I’m super proud of her. The one thing that I’m upset about is…because I got a new day job, I’m not going to be able to go with her. Hella lame.

In order to save some money on the room, she’s decided to split it with another one of our friends that happens to be male. I’m 100% OK with this, but in my dreams last night, I had a threesome with the two of them. When I told my wife she asked if I was worried about her fucking him (I’m not) and when I told him about it, he was like, “OMG YESSSSSSSS!!!!”

In my dream, he fucked my butt so I’ve pulled together a bunch of anal clips to satisfy my sudden urge to get anally violated by one of my friends. You Peepz ready for action? Grab your sex towel and let’s get fapping!

Jessie Rogers is up first. She crawls around the porno house on her hands and knees before she captures a thick dick in her hands and stuffs it up her bum. I love the way she moans when she’s on top.

For years I looked around every toy convention possible to find the perfect crystal buttplug. I finally found one to add to my collection, but it’s not as pretty as the pug in this next Rammed clip

When a clip starts out with a cock deep in a butthole and you don’t even have to wait around through dialogue to get to the good stuff, it makes my pussy tremendously happy. Watch Dana DeArmond lead this threesome to an orgasmic victory.

I’m pretty impressed with the ball sucking game of Ana Foxxx. She gets down on her knees for James Deen and then lets him penetrate any hole he wants access to.

Last up this week is a sensually shot buttsex experience. When I’ve had anal in the past, this is more what it has looked like. Porno fantasies are nice, obviously, but sometimes you need some real world fantasies worked in.

That’s all for this week, Peepz. Don’t forget to throw your fuck sock in the wash an clean up your mess. I’ll see you next week.

Image:Kinsley Eden in Anal Yoga by Brazzers

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