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Dr. Ruth Wants to Teach Millennials About Sex

“How in the fuck did we learn about sex before the Internet?”

That’s what my wife’s BFF asked on Saturday night while we were out for her birthday drinks. My wife suggested that we just messed around until it felt right. One of our other friends brought up shady looking porno shops and watching Skinamax through the wavy lines.

“What about Dr. Ruth though!” one of the guys at the table behind us asked.

I mean, absolutely. Dr. Ruth was the be all, end all of sex education when I was growing up. She has always been an adorable grandma who has no problem with explaining how to place a penis inside a vagina. Her eyes are always sparkling like she was the keeper of everyone’s naughtiest secrets because she basically was.

Decades have passed and Dr. Ruth is still letting people know how to knock boots. Because society has changed so much, she’s decided to revamp her old standard handbook.

With the Internet at our fingertips 24 hours a day, what can we possibly learn from a sex therapist from the 80s? Everything that we’ve forgotten how to do.

Women used to ask how they could have an orgasm, men would ask how to slow down their orgasm. She says that she doesn’t get questions like those much anymore. The new generation has a whole new outlook on sexual relationships. We’re cool with the sex, but we’re confused about how to have a personal relationship with people. It takes a lot for us to communicate with others in person sometimes because we’re so used to hiding behind our keyboards.

She’s coming out with a brand new edition of Sex for Dummies that is specifically written with Millennials in mind. Here’s a short video she shot with Variety talking about the book.

What do you Peepz think about Dr. Ruth’s idea to make another edition of Sex for Dummies. Will you be picking up a copy or are you going to continue risking your chances on the wilds of the Internet?


Image: Lezley Zen in The Sex Therapist by Brazzers

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