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Don’t Forget Your (Sex) Towel

I’ve been telling you Peepz for years that you need to have some kind of sex towel close at hand when orgasms are on the horizon. Sometimes I call it a fuck sock but I feel that it’s important to remind everyone that cleaning up after sex is super important. It’s the best kind of self care.

We have a rotation of three sex towels in our home. One says on my side of the bed, one stays on my wife’s side of the bed and the other says CLEAN and in the “linen closet” (disclaimer: we don’t actually have a linen closet. We use an under the bed plastic storage container for all of our sheets, towels, curtains, washcloths etc. One more month until we’re homeowners hopefully). There is always at least one clean sex towel in the house. It’s necessary. Only once did I fuck up and forget to was all three of the towels. If I were able to wear a neon sign over my head, it would say, “Always Pee After Sex and Keep Your Sex Towels Clean.”

It’s my mantra basically.

If you do not have a sex towel of your own, I’m giving you permission to spend some time shopping around to get yourself one. Don’t use this towel to dry your dishes. Don’t use this towel to mop up your face after a hard workout. This towel is just for sexy time clean up because you deserve to have the right tool for the right job.

Also, the GQ article linked below gives a bit of helpful advice that I thought was pretty awesome. If you plan on being kind and sharing your sex towel with your partner after a romp, make sure you let them use it first. It’s the polite thing to do.

To prove my point about towels being important, here’s a PornHub clip from Hook Up Hotshot.

HHG2G for life.

Source: GQ

Image: Sauna Submission by Brazzers

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