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Do You Have a Sex Day?

My wife and I are still in the middle of our Thirty Days of Intimacy Challenge. We’ve skipped a day or two here and there but we’re running with the fact that we’re succeeding. I’m pretty sure that it’s kind of like an exercise challenge in that, you don’t need to do it every single day to feel the effects on your body.

I feel tingly all the time. Having sex super frequently has made my brain feel way more creative. All day long I’m dreaming up scenarios and how I can get them to play out as soon as my wife walks in the door. One of the tricks that we’ve come up with is just that though. We don’t wait until we’re ready to go to bed to fuck, we do it as soon as she gets home from work.

As exhausted as she is from her two hour commute, when she walks in the door and I’m laying on the bed wearing some stockings with a bra and panty set, she’s ready to bang.

If I did that every day though, she’d expect it, so she wouldn’t enjoy it so much. It’s the surprise of having me splayed out waiting for her that’s exciting. Either way, she has dinner cooked and ready for her, so I mean…she’s winning.

I’m curious about how many of you schedule your sex though.

There are plenty of fads and articles out there that will tell you exactly how the creators think that you can improve your sex life. I read the article linked below this week, and it talks about how maintenance sex is really important for maintaining connections in long term relationships. If you and your partner have a scheduled day that you bang and are close to each other, you’re able to look forward to it and expect each other to be ready.

Is this something that you Peepz do? Are you schedulers in your relationship or do you just free ball it and bang whenever the mood strikes you?

I really think that maintenance sex is important, but it’s also logical that not all sex should be maintenance sex. You’ve got to keep things spicy so that they stay interesting.

Also, I know that I talk about this all the time but, communication is so fucking important. If your partner isn’t into fucking you, try having a conversation with them to find out why. See if it’s something that is going on inside their own brain, or if there is something you can work on together so that you can compromise on the frequency of your intimacy, or even the type of intimacy you’re experiencing.

If you’re shy about talking about your private life in public, be sure to slide into my DM’s on twitter so that we can hash things out that way.

I’m really curious to hear about how you do things in your relationship.

Source: NBC News

Image: Christy Mack in Mechanic Mammaries by Brazzers

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