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Dick Tattoo Requires Rolling Pin

I have a fair amount of tattoos that I’ve collected over the years. My latest project is my calf sleeve that I’m thematically tattooing with food items. So far I have a Molang Potter sitting in a butter beer, a pizza and a pug dressed like Ben Franklin eating a pretzel and a cheese steak. Those are my tributes to Harry Potter, my wife and Philadelphia consecutively.

My itty bitty calf project is nothing compared to what UK bodybuilder Ray Houghton has going on though. The 61-year-old gym owner has been working on a full body project for quite some time. He decided that he didn’t like the way that his aging skin looked so he figured he may as well just get every part of his body tattooed to cover up the fact that he is going through the normal process of aging.

That includes his dick.

The genital tattoo session took over 4 hours to complete and it covers both his cock and his balls. Since a tattoo artist needs a flat, unmoving surface when working, they decided to wrap his dick around a rolling pin in order to get the job done.

That sounds incredibly painful, but so does getting your junk tattooed in the first place. Ron said in the interview linked below that his balls were swollen up to four times their original size after the needle poking had finished. Walking must have been hell for a few days after that crap.

How do you Peepz feel about tattooed genitals? Would you be into banging a man with a dick tattoo or a lady with some labia ink? How about boobs? I know a lot of people are into Bonnie Rotten’s spider webbed tits, but the popularity of other adult performers with tattoos on their privates seems to fall flat.

It’s fairly difficult to find clips of male porno performers with tattooed dicks…so here’s a Bang clip from PornHub with two dudes and one tattooed woman.

Source and Image: NY Post

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