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Better than Average Sex for Less than Average Dicks

Oral sex is my jam. I have ex boyfriends who still text me wishing that I wasn’t a married lesbian because they miss my mouth so much. One thing that I always loved doing was making a cock completely disappear down the back of my throat.

I have a gag reflex. I’m not one of those people that can do legit sword swallowing or anything. The thing is that I don’t really care if I gag. I suffer through the feeling of my eyes welling up with tears and my mouth being completely stuffed because being able to lick a ball sack with a dick in my face was completely fascinating to me.

The last male that I had a relationship with didn’t have the biggest penis in the universe. I didn’t care. His mouth worked just fine and so did his hands. There were plenty of sex positions that worked well for us and there were also some that ended up being a bit…lackluster.

Most of the time, our sex involved me getting on top. I love getting plowed from behind, but my huge ass plus his dick did not equal a good time for too many strokes. Riding was always good for me anyway. He could reach my clit, I could control his orgasm…it was really a win win.

There’s such a fascination in porno with how big a dick is. In my experience though? It’s easier to film a guy with a big dick because you have to “cheat” to the camera. Everyone wants to see all the goods, right? So if you are able to pull an 9 inch cock out of a pussy, you’re going to have a lot of length to work with as far as camera angles go. If you have a 4 inch dick, by the time you pull it out, and turn your body towards the viewing audience, you’ve probably pulled your cock completely out.

Close sex works best with smaller dicks. You can still fuck and have an amazing time, but when it comes to camera work, sometimes it’s a bit more difficult to get the right shots.

Here’s a video from Bustle with some tips and tricks for getting it on without a monster cock:

How do you feel about the penis in your life, my Peepz? Are you satisfied with the length? Do you wish you were longer or thicker? Or are you massive and wish that you had a few less inches to deal with?

Let me know in the comments below, or get in touch on twitter.

Image: Victoria Vargaz in Babysitting on My Dick by Reality Kings

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